Thursday, September 29, 2011

hubratius pliesters or jointered ousmania?

You made it!!! to my little social media experiment. This is not a hypothesis driven study, and the results will just be descriptive. And the scientific method is only loosely in use here. There is no control group. And I don't really know what the question is. Kinda like the cartoons: "let's see what happens if I pour green goo in this tube".

If you're a regular visitor to my blog this post will be utterly confusing.
Nothing bike.

Forgive me, my life was experiments, up until recently, now I just sit at the computer reading and writing. I'm Jonesin' for an experiment. Even one that blows up in my face!
I'm not going to say what the experiment is, but it you want to join in, put the following phrase in a facebook status or tweet:

struntist forgram

And leave me a comment below, WTFLOL...really, whatever you want.


Kyra said...

Whatcha talkin' about?

GGGG said...

Be sure to footnote!

cellsalive said...

Do you have a gibberish app or does it just come naturally?

Tabb said...

Seems to come naturally.

Anonymous said...

i h8 u

Brooke Plotnick said...

I bit but am late to your party