Thursday, June 9, 2011

Travels with Ralph

I've decided to name my bike. I didn't think long or hard about the name. I knew one thing I wanted to avoid the cliché treatment of vehicles as female. Plus the placement of his frame pump is decidedly not female:


That's right, his name is Ralph. It's simple. It's easy to remember. It's synonymous with vomiting.

My wife asked me, "Why Ralph"? My answer, "Why not"?

I've had Ralph since January, and we've traveled over 2600 miles together. A major chunk of that (1087 miles) was when I was competing in the MarchMiles competition over at A competition I came very close to winning if it hadn't been for the sneaky exploits of my closest rival in the competition, Roystein

While Ralph and I did not emerge from that competition at the top of the podium, we did emerge very familiar with each other. And we had some serious fun along the way.

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Trevor Woodford said...

Afraid that I followed the cliche' treatment and gave all my bikes female names..... but then they ARE female.
No pumps on my bikes...!!