Saturday, July 2, 2011

Call for submissions

I bike between Durham and Chapel Hill. That is pretty much the extent of my cycling besides a weekend ride here and there. Yet my blog is called "Triangle Bicycle Commuter" implying a much larger scope than Durham to Chapel Hill.

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I would love to add some posts about biking between/within Raleigh, Cary, Carrboro, Morrisville, and other communities within the triangle.

So if you have a favorite commuter route, use the comment section to contact me. I would love to add some variety to the blog to make it a more useful resource for local cyclists.


Sam said...

Hi, thanks for posting your experiences. I am thinking about moving to the triangle area from DC, where I've been a daily bike commuter for over a decade. Hubby and I are in the mulling over stage, so no idea where a job(s) might be (if we're lucky enough to find one between us), but if we did move it's important to us to live in a neighborhood where we can bike commute and walk to at least a few things. I'm looking for routes between Durham and Chapel Hill/Carrboro that maximize safety and enjoyment. I ride 9-12 miles a day currently, so I would think that CH-Durham would fall in that range. Are there any good sources for tried and true bike routes in the area??

Tabb said...

Hi Sam,
Check out the tarwheels bike club. They have a bunch of recommended rides in the area. I think you have to pay for a membership now, but I think it is $20 a year.