Saturday, May 14, 2011

Make Every Day Bike-to-Work Day

Somehow I missed that May 12th was bike-to-work day across the country. Don't get me wrong, I biked to work, I just can't say I saw any sign of it being any different from the rest of the week, month, or year. In the triangle I didn't see scores of cyclists crowding the streets to participate in the event. It seems as though most of the bike-to-work day events that come up on a Google search are in sunny southern California.
Dear Triangle,
    We don't live in California. I know it has been a bit muggy/drizzly/cool here in the Triangle, to which I say you don't know the pleasure of riding in this weather unless you've tried it. I generally don't like to ride through downpours, but drizzle, sprinkles, showers, mist are all delightful riding long as you have a change of clothes, and fenders.


What I'm getting at is that I think just about every day in the triangle could be bike-to-work day. The weather is almost always acceptable. In the winter daylight is a bit short making it hard to bike both to and from work, but the triangle bus systems are great at filling in the after-dark/before-light gaps.

Anyhow, bike-to-work day may actually be on May 20th, and bike-to-work week May 16th-20th. This discrepancy with other reports putting bike to work day on May 12th just tells me cyclactivistasTM need to get our own act together and start communicating to pick one day. It could make for a more impressive showing if bike-to-work day happens on one day.

Come out and bike with me any day, the invitation is open, sadly nobody is responding. I know you're out there dying to start biking to work. See Y'all out there.


Kyra and Tabb said...

I will bike to work with you (partway) on June 15.

Tabb said...

You should go the whole way so I can buy you beer. Oh wait I already buy you beer.