Saturday, October 9, 2010

My New Obsession

I went in to Cycle9 yesterday to try out a Surly Long Haul Trucker.  I rode the 56 cm bike out to Mapleview Farms Ice Cream; I absolutely loved the feel of the bike. Now I have to decide how I can afford $1100 worth of bike.  I don't think I could get  a lot of return if I sold my Specialized Sirrus, maybe $150-200, that barely scratches the surface of the LHT price-tag.

My current bike gets me to and from work just fine, but I suffer from constant flat tires, mostly caused by rough road and skinny tires. My current bike has also been plagued by wheel issues since the day I forgot to lock it down properly on front of the bus.  Damn grad school had me seeing double that day I was so overworked. The bike half fell out of the bike rack and the back wheel got unrepairably bent. The new wheel I bought from The Bicycle Chain was not true to begin with, and never was right.  I do have a new wheelset now that has its own issues, such as they are nearly impossible to get tires on them without tearing up my hand, and I had a problem getting the tire bead to set in the hook, (I have resolved that issue).

Long story short, I want big wheels with bulletproof tires.  I want to forget about my wheels for two years. Except for tire inflation I don't want to have to deal with wheel issues.  I especially don't want to spend anymore time on the side of the road pulling tubes out of wheels and fighting with tire irons to get my bike rolling.  I think on top of being a well equipped commuter bike, the Surly LHT can give me wheels that will stand up to the beatings I can give.

So now, what can I sell to make it happen.  I wonder how much I can get for my Yamaha V-star that currently wont start.

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