Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A mini rant

Dear Lady who cut me off at Mt. Moriah Rd,

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     Your little stunt today could have cost a life,  so here are some tips for sharing the road. First off a cyclist going straight at an intersection does have the right of way if you are turning right across the cyclist's path. If the cyclist is already in said intersection you do not have enough time to sneak in front of them and turn. If you absolutely must cut the cyclist off, for God's sake use your goddamn turn signal so s/he knows you're planning to be an asshole, it could make the difference between a pissed off biker and a dead biker.

Thnx Bye

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Tabb said...

Almost had another guy try and do this to me this evening. I saw him coming up behind me with his turn signal on, he was clearly trying to race me to the intersection. He would have made an attempt until I whipped my head around and gave him the Cyclist Death Glare(TM).